by Robert K. Garcia

Life this summer.

So today is the last day of summer, well not for me, but if it were a year ago it would be. It’s kind of surreal that I’m not going back to school. The past 19 years of my life I’ve been going to school on a full time basis and always had the expectation that I would return every late August. Now it is not the case because I have completed the education that is obligated.

How do I feel? Well kind of good, but the fact that I have a bachelors degree signals that I am no longer a child. I still have my youth of course, but it’s not the same. I’m happy though with what I accomplished. I set out to redeem myself from the terror that was middle school and high school and I feel like I succeeded. Cumulative GPA 3.63 or in other words A-.

Life has been easy this summer. I haven’t worked, and I’ve been focusing my energy on LSAT. I’ll begin looking for a job in late September after I take the test. Preparation has been going well. I’m enrolled in a prep course that’s really great. In the next few days I’ll be studying a minimum of 8 hours every day. I’m scared though, because if I don’t get at least a 160, my chances at UT are slim to none. UH is a good school but I do not want to return there even though it’s the best, most financially sound option. I know I’m going to settle in Houston, so it’d be unwise to spend my youth here when there are other better places to be young.

Houston is great, but I don’t know. I’m struggling, I can not stand the gay scene here. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places, but the bars are skeezy and shallow. When I want to be skeezy and shallow, I go to Fbar and let guys feel me up. It’s fun haha, but not what I ultimately desire. I’m at a new chapter in my life so I’m looking for more substance, a relationship. I wish dating was easier, but it’s not, more so in the gay community. 

C’est la vie.

At this moment though a boyfriend is the last thing I need. LSAT is my life and will be for the next month. After that, once I get settled with a job and such, then I’ll start looking.

Also the pain continues. For 5 months I’ve had this terrible abdominal pain and it has not stopped. It kind of sucks and is drastically reducing my quality of life, but I’ve gotten scanned for cancer and everything is clear, so no cancer thank god. My GI thinks it’s IBS, but I’m still seeing different specialists and such. I pray that one day the pain is gone, and I can log on to tumblr, read this post, and cherish the fact that I’m back to normal. We’ll see. 

“I shouldn’t have left swiped you on tinder, it’s just we had too many friends in common.”