by Robert K. Garcia

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the relationships of this semester

Ok who else…

3) I believe I have gotten close with Heath. We’re buddies. It started with him telling me he likes me, and I felt bad because I felt like I led him on. We did go see Her together and I guess he expected more. At this point, I didn’t really know him very well. As I got to know him better I started feel an attraction but it was too late, he is with someone. My loss and I feel even worse because I feel like our relationship has been kind of inappropriate even with him being with Travis. He called me one night wasted telling me how he felt and well, I told him how I felt, but I let him know that it was futile because of the point in life I’m at. There is still some tension between us at times when we hang out but I know how to behave. He is a cool person and I’m kind of sad that I will not be able to become better friends with him now that I’m graduating.

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the relationships of this semester

So this year I think I’ve developed some pretty strong relationships with various people. I guess to start, two of my professors.

1) I think I’ve gotten closer with Professor Amador. He really likes me, to the point where he will admit his love for me in class. I mean he has this lovey dovey personality to begin with and he says that he loves all his students, but he usually singles me out and expresses his love for me all the time to the point where I actually believe him. Jeremy even pointed out how Amador tells me that all the time. He gives me hugs in class and always gets really close, but it is not in the romantic way of course. I think he really does love me in a son way and I really think it’s because he sees himself in me. He is probably a genius but he never really applied himself until college which is exactly my story. I’m not a genius though, but I seriously did not try from 6th grade until 12th grade. I think I had a bad inferiority complex and was going through some awful hormones, but I completely wasted those 7 years unfortunately which completely depresses the shit out of me. Now that I’m in college I seriously give every class my all. For example: Yesterday I was horrified because I had thought that I forgot a quiz but it turns out it was due at midnight so I still had time, but that fear that dropped in my stomach when I realized I forgot an assignment that could affect my grade seriously did not exist until I started college. I feel like Amador is similar, we’re both souls who generally have everything together, but not in the brain lol. He just sees himself as a mentor role and he will do absolutely anything to support me in my ventures, and it feels AMAZING to have a person with the PHD credentials do that for you. He will write me a letter of recommendation and I’m sure it will be amazing. He will be a job reference. He will make sure I’m comfortable and have connections in Mexico when I do move there. I am so glad to have a mentor like him and I am so happy that I decided to take his classes because he is just amazing.

2)I have developed a relationship with C3DM who is my spanish for health care professions professor. She is an amazing woman. She at times pushes her beliefs on us, but she respects everyone and their own perspectives. Learning about her experiences just motivates me. For such a small woman, her stern and powerful demeanor really intimidates me but also pushes me to the core. I fear that I will disappoint her at times. Maybe because she already told me she’s writing me a letter of rec, but mostly because she has this motherly instinct that has really rubbed off on me creating all these expectations for me that I WANT to live up to. She genuinely wants to learn more about her student’s lives. She brings up every time how I want to go to law school and how I want to live in Mexico because it seems she’s genuinely interested in seeing me succeeding and accomplishing my dreams. I gotta admit, her class horrified me because of all the public speaking it entailed, especially considering that the guy that I’m obsessed with is in her class. I’m happy to report that even though I feel like I bombed today’s presentation, she told me I did great and gave me a bunch of positive feedback. I tell her my background story about how I couldn’t speak Spanish until I got to college and she tells me that she is so proud that I’ve gotten to this point. She says that I’m a good example to other students to show that one should not have a fear of speaking it because I’ve done it. I will probably never forget her as my professor, especially because one time she proclaimed to the class that she is a powerful woman. I really truly believe it.

This guy will not stop with the hookup texts. Bye Felicia.

This guy will not stop with the hookup texts. Bye Felicia.

So life recently.

Uneventful. I thankfully have been feeling great! No sinus infection or allergies so no coughing. Aside from the constipation induced bloating (i’m not really constipated but apparently I’m not pooping enough), I feel great. Steve and I are at each other throats sometimes. He totally demeans me for being in liberal arts, and you know what, fuck all the haters. I hate that people look down upon me because I decided to pursue a skill that 1)I lacked 2)I’m generally interested in. Such bullshit, the KID is taking 9 hours at ACC and he has the cojones to criticize me. Not that there’s anything wrong with ACC at all, because there isn’t, I just think he needs to go to a school like UT to see what university level work is really like. I also gleefully pointed out to him that Psychology is liberal arts and he kept telling me it wasn’t, but I looked up a degree plan from UT and proved to him which shut him up. Also his boyfriend and I got into a political debate and omg, something absolutely unleashed in me. I completely pointed out the flaws and contradictions of everyone of his arguments and it felt so GOOD, like I know that I definitely want to be a lawyer because I am so GOOD at arguing. Also Steve was like “you’re not going to get into law school” and omg I pounced on him so hard. I’m going to prove his ass wrong. Not only am I going to law school, I’m going to a GOOD law school. I wouldn’t mind UH but that is not ideal. My dream is Berkeley, but who knows.. it is the top public school in the country so I maybe dreaming way too hard, but I definitely will be so happy to go to UCLA or UT Law. This summer though, I am absolutely fucking committed to LSAT, I am going to study my ass off and I will do well on that test, I swear on my fucking life that I will do well and I will prove all the doubting mutherfuckers WRONG.