by Robert K. Garcia

“I shouldn’t have left swiped you on tinder, it’s just we had too many friends in common.”

just finished my last essay of college

It’s feeling pretty real right now. Plus C3DM just gave my grade for her class: A. I was expecting an A- since my average was a 91 but she bumped up my grade a full point, not to mention the fact that she took my extra credit and replaced one of my exams with it. Essentially bumping me up a whole letter grade. Carlos also graded the final, that I NEVER TOOK. LOL. He gave me a 25/26 even though I haven’t even taken it, the guy really obviously cares about me. I am so glad I built these relationships. If you show genuine interest in a professor and their class, and show it by coming to office hours all the time, they will love you. I am evidence of that. I feel good.

Although I am a liberal arts student, and will be judged for it the rest of my professional life. I am glad I can say that I am a good student. I get my shit done.